Special-purpose machines



Our special purpose machines department has a wide spectrum of products to offer. Marking with special characters, data matrix codes or vehicle identification numbers, as well as marking complex components, can be realized by a number of different marking techniques: From the conventional stamping method, using our flexible scribing and stylus marking machines right through to customized marking solutions for integration in the manufacturing process.

Designed to meet the particular requirements that have been defined, the marking systems can be configured on an individual basis or be fitted with an integrated code-reading system.

We are at your side throughout the whole process: From accepting your ideas and requirements, throughout the stages of project planning from the design and production, through to handover and with the subsequent service and customer support.


Workpiece infeed    Marking unit with automatic surface detection




Brake discs

 Roll marking machines BM79EL for marking brake discs

Roll marking machine BM79 for marking brake discs Special marking unit model 326 for marking brake discs Special marking unit model 322 for marking brake discs

VIN marking


 Special marking unit for VIN marking




Roll marking machine BM79EL for marking gearwheels



 Gas cylinder             


Special roll marking machine for marking aluminium gas cylinder



Round workpieces


Special marking unit model 326 for marking round workpieces






  Roll marking machine BM79EL for marking stainless steel tubes




 Special marking unit model 312 for marking rings