Modular principle with a high degree of individualisation

Scribe, stylus, dot-peening, as in Data Matrix code and vibro-peening techniques permanently mark workpieces made of solid materials such as aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, plastics and cast iron. These marking techniques are used for flexible and quick markings with alphanumeric characters, logos or 2D codes. The marking process results in a permanent marking.

Scribing and stylus marking techniques offer the advantage of high flexibility for marking texts, character heights and widths, and stamping depth. Because of the low force required, solid, hollow and sensitive parts can also be marked. Mechanical tolerance compensation makes marking possible even on sloped and curved surfaces.

Due to the large variety of workshop units, mobile systems and built-in units, we are able to meet almost any marking requirements. Furthermore, BORRIES marking systems are constructed modularly and can be combined according to your needs. And if the right product is not yet available for a large portfolio, we are also very experienced in special purpose machinery.

Scribe, stylus and dot-peening marking technique

Your benefits:

  • User-adjustable character height and width
  • User-adjustable stamping depths
  • Different character sets / special characters
  • Low noise level (scribing)
  • Low force (suitable for sensitive workpieces)
  • Chipless because of material displacement
  • Cost effective standard systems
  • individual, custom machinery

Description of marking processes

Scribe marking

Scribe marking

In the case of scribe marking, a diamond or carbide tipped needle is pressed into the workpiece surface and pulled through the material almost chip-free .

Stylus marking

Stylus marking

In the case of stylus marking, a carbide tipped needleis pressed into the surface of the workpiece at a high frequency.

Dot-peen marking, Data Matrix code and vibro-peening

Dot-peen marking, Data Matrix code and vibro-peening

In the case of dot-peen marking, as in Data Matrix and vibro-peening, a carbide tipped needle is pressed into the surface of the workpiece at a high speed. The “crater dots” form legible characters and/or a Data Matrix code.

You can find further information abpout the Data Matrix codes here.

Built-in units

Due to their compact construction these units are intended for integration in the production and assembly lines. Built-in units offer various marking options such as scribing, stylus, or dot-peening. Due to their versatility these add-on units can be adapted to you marking requirements. For example, there are different integrated interfaces like Profibus and Profitnet, pneumatic and electrical z-axis, touch-on function and an extensive variety of marking heads and marking needles available.

We are commited to finding the perfect fit for your application, even the size of the marking area can be selected.

Handheld marking units

These easy-to-carry, portable markers are suitable for many areas of trade and industry. Due to the ease of use, these portable hand-held markers are ideal for marking of body components and for quality assurance and in procution and assembly lines. Marking of parts that are difficult to transport or hard-to-reach areas are no longer a problem with these marking units. Different sizes and variants of our markers are available for stylus and dot-peening marking technology.
The mobile 317 VIN marking unit can also be used for scribe marking. It’s a powerful, compact and robust scribe unit for VIN marking in low volume, pilot or SKD / CKD production environment.

By using different adapters, marking flat and round surfaces, such as tubes or pipes, is possible.

Workshop units

Workshop units are self-sufficient marking units that are mounted on a table with a manually adjustable column. They can be supplied complete with workpiece fixtures or with magazines for automatic feeding of nameplates. Rotary devices for marking round components are also available.

DataMatrix code / Traceability

Legal requirements in product liability and quality assurance measures make the unambiguous, direct and lasting identification of products and components important than ever. This has become a determining prerequisite for ensuring complete traceability.
One of the most common and safest ways for identification, in terms of traceabilty, is applying a Data Matrix code on a component or workpiece.


General description of the Data Matrix code ECC200:

A Data Matrix code is a two-dimensional matrix code (2D code) with high information density in the smallest of spaces. It can be applied square or rectangular in various sizes. Even with destruction of the code, a reliable reading of the content is still possible. The code is scanned using a handheld or a mounted scanning system.


Possible methods for direct component marking with DataMatrix-code are:

Stylus stamping (with pneumatic or electrical-driven stylus for marking), or laser-marking.

Due to the large variety of the workshop units, mobile systems and built-in units, we can resolve almost any marking problem. We can provide marking systems with and without fixtures, from the straightforward manual solution to the fully-automated customized machine.

Aerospace marking unit 350

High-precision marking unit 350 for the aerospace industry

The marking unit 350 is a special development to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry.

Special characteristics are:

  • Electric high-precision marking head
  • 3 NC axes for the automated, exact and flexible positioning
  • Built-in clearance sensor
  • Optimum adaptation for sophisticated materials
  • Intuitive operating software
  • Data Matrix code (meeting ECC 200) and plain text marking possible

Medical marking device BM 52

Complete traceability in the supply of sterile items

The model BM 52 is a user-friendly marking device that has been developed especially to mark medical instruments. Permanent, deep stylus marking can ensure traceability of clinical instruments. This marking system is used in the hospitals, by sterilization service providers and manufacturers of the medical technology.

What we offer:

  • A marking system designed to meet the specific requirements of the medical field
  • Deep and permanent marking as plain text and Data Matrix code
  • Universal clamping fixture allows marking of almost any clinical instrument
  • Fast positioning of the instruments
  • The electrical marking head allows for high precision marking, even for the smallest letter / matrix sizes
  • Integrated PC with a touch-screen operation and Borries software
  • Linked to your database (customer-specific)
  • Short training for handling and user-oriented software design
  • Code reading system for fast and reliable capture of data matrix codes on sterile items
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