DataMatrix code / Traceability

Legal requirements in product liability and quality assurance measures make the unambiguous, direct and lasting identification of products and components important than ever. This has become a determining prerequisite for ensuring complete traceability.
One of the most common and safest ways for identification, in terms of traceabilty, is applying a Data Matrix code on a component or workpiece.

General description of the Data Matrix code ECC200:

A Data Matrix code is a two-dimensional matrix code (2D code) with high information density in the smallest of spaces. It can be applied square or rectangular in various sizes. Even with destruction of the code, a reliable reading of the content is still possible. The code is scanned using a handheld or a mounted scanning system.

Possible methods for direct component marking with DataMatrix-code are:

Stylus stamping (with pneumatic or electrical-driven stylus for marking), or laser-marking.

Due to the large variety of the workshop units, mobile systems and built-in units, we can resolve almost any marking problem. We can provide marking systems with and without fixtures, from the straightforward manual solution to the fully-automated customized machine.

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