Conventional marking technology

The tools, equipment and machines of conventional marking technology permanently mark components made of solid material, such as metal and plastic.
These are used when repetetive texts, consecutive numbering and short marking times are required, for example marking for control markings or allocating components.

The benefits of this technology are very short marking times, manageable investments and marking depth.

We offer stamping machines and impact units, complete with marking tools and fixtures from standard versions to fully automated, customized machines.

We offer stamping machines and impact units, complete with marking tools and fixtures from standard versions to fully automated, customized machines. We apply high standards to the quality of our products.

Conventional marking technology

Your benefits

  • very short marking times
  • manageable investments
  • deeper marking depths possibility

Marking / stamping tools

Steel types / engraved stamps / pin stamps

Steel types can be combined with type holders, as well as in special stamping tools. They are available seperately or as sets in standard formats, as well as special versions to meet specific customer requirements.

Engraving stamps are available either as individual stamps or as multi-digit characters, special characters, logos etc.

The dimensions, shape and the engraving design for the pin stamps are made to meet individual customers' requirements.

Type holders

The text to be stamped is generated by inserting the appropriate steel types into the type holder. Steel types are easily interchangeable. Single-line and multi-line type holders are available in round, half-round, convex and concave versions.

Numbering heads

Borries numbering heads are used to mark sequential numbers, serial numbers and model designations.


ANPW numbering head
The number is automatically incremented after each marking operation.

TNPW numbering head
The marking wheels are set manually by pressing the lever.

VNPW numbering head
By loosening the locking lever the wheels are moved manually to the desired position.

MNPW numbering head
The marking tool is locked manually using the locking pins.

Customized variants, such as hot numbering heads for example, are available on request.

Mechanical and pneumatic hand stamping tools

Stamping tools are typically used for center-punching, control stamping and common marking jobs, either hand-operated or as built-in devices. The simple operation offers flexible application possibilities, even in hard to reach places. Quick and simple exchange of center-punching inserts and stamping tools make hand stamping devices indispensable tools.

Built-in impact units

Built-in impact units are suitable in transfer lines, rotary indexing tables and test equipment. Thanks to the large usable stroke, workpieces of different heights can be marked without any need for modification.

Stamping machines

Manually and pneumatically operated stamping machines are used in workshops, as well as in small and medium-sized serial production. The ease of use, sophisticated design and the extensive range of stamps available for marking allow for many universal applications.

The high adjustable impact performance is achieved with little effort. The stamping machines offer a large tolerance range at the part height.

Borries stamping machines are available with tools and special workpiece fixtures.

Pneumatic-Hydraulic stamping machines

Pneumatic-hydraulic stamping machines are suitable for markings that require large forces. These are available as complete systems with C-hoop frames or as built-in units for transfer lines and rotary indexing systems.

Pneumatic-hydraulic stamping machines work entirely with compressed air. The short stamping stroke is built up by the hydraulic pressure booster integrated in the cylinder. The fast stroke allows a large range for workpiece heights. The level of noise is low and never exceeds 75 dB(A).


Roll marking machines

Roll marking machines are used for marking solid and hollow round parts. When using appropriate devices and tools flat workpieces can be marked as well. The tolerance compensation is included to ensures protection for workpieces and marking tools. The desired marking length and depth can be set without signicifact loss of time.

We offer a range of products from simple table machines up to the individual hydraulic special machines.

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