Automobile industry

Lasting and direct identification of products and components is a crucial prerequisite for completeness in the traceability of these and this is therefore always a requirement in quality assurance.


The process: Plain text comprising alphanumeric characters, special characters or a data matrix code is applied. The traceability of the components is thus assured at all times by such stored data as e.g. manufacturing plant and date/time of manufacture. For quality management this means clarity in the reconstruction of workflows and processes.


Identified in this way are amongst others, brake discs, ABS systems, exhaust systems, engine and transmission parts, as well as nameplates.


Our well-designed VIN-integrated solutions for scribing and stylus marking are positioned by automated or manual handling within the bare or painted body. The data for the marking process are furnished by the production host computer or are read out from data carriers.


Identification using special characters, 2D codes or chassis numbers, as well as marking with complex components, can be realized both in the scribing / stylus-marking technique and the laser-marking method.


Marking of brake discs    VIN    Marking of VIN    Marking of VIN    Marking of VIN    Semi-automatic marking unit for VIN markings