Type-wheel marking technology

Type-wheel technology is used when variable and fast marking is required. Our patented “Typewriter on metal” stamps deeply and quietly. Possible options are depression and raised markings. High stamping speeds and large depths can be achieved here. This technique can be used for workpieces made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron, etc.

Function description:
A stepper motor-controlled type wheel for recessed or raised embossing (relief) is equipped with 39-96 characters in the specified written form and size, which are then impressed by means of electrically driven working stroke in the workpiece. The speed of marking alphanumeric texts can be up to six characters/second at a volume of ~75 dB(A).

We supply stamping machines for nameplates in relief lettering, as well as for very deep marking (e.g. VIN), as both electric and hydraulic type-wheel stamping devices.

Relief nameplates

Marking of nameplates as relief lettering by the type-wheel marking technique – a Borries patent.

Production systems for nameplates:
The machines work like 'printers' from the production host computer and automatically take the blanks for the nameplate from as many as six magazines. Once stamped, the nameplates are stored in the respective magazine for the particular job.

VIN marking systems

These type-wheel marking machines are used due to their speed (up to six characters per second) and high marking depths. They are mainly mounted in the automatic stations on a robot for marking of vehicle identification number on car bodies (short VIN).

Further use of these markers can be found in applictions with high-strength materials and heavy duty truck production that requires deep marking.

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