Type-wheel marking technology



The type-wheel technology is then used when the marking shall be varied and this has to be executed quickly. Our patent “Typewriter on metal” stamps to an appreciable depth, and this silently. Possible variants are depression and raised markings. High stamping speed and this to appreciable depths can be realized here. This technique can be used for workpieces made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron and other materials.

Function description:
A type wheel controlled from a stepped motor for depressed or raised marking (relief) is loaded with between 39 and 96 characters of the specified lettering and size that is then pressed into the workpiece in a working stroke by means of an electrically driven eccentric.

The speed when marking the variable alphanumeric texts can be varied from one to six characters/second for a noise level of ~75 dB(A).

We supply stamping machines for nameplates in relief lettering as well as for very deep marking (e.g. VIN) as both electric and hydraulic type-wheel stamping devices.