Marking tools

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Steel types
Type holders
Numbering heads


Steel types / engraved stamps / pin stamps

Steel types can be comined in the type holder as well as in the special stamping tools. Steel types are available individually or as set sorted in the box. They are available in standard formats and as special versions to meet specific customer requirements.

Engraving stamps are available either as individual stamps, as stamps with several characters or stamps with special characters, logos etc.

The dimensions, shape and the engraving design for the pin stamps are produced to meet individual customers requirements.

Steel types    Steel types in a box    Engraving stamp    Pin stamp 


Type holders

The text to be stamped is created by inserting the appropriate steel types in the type holder. This can be changed as required. Both single-line and multiple-line type holders are available in round, half-round, convex and concave versions.

Type holder


Numbering heads

Borries numbering heads are used for marking by sequential numbering, for serial-number numbering and for designating the different models.

ANPW numbering head
The number is automatically incremented after each marking operation.

ANPW numbering head


TNPW numbering head
The wheels for marking are set by hand by depressing the touching lever.

TNPW numbering head


VNPW numbering head
The wheel is locked by hand in the desired position.

VNPW numbering head


MNPW numbering head
The marking tool is locked by hand using the locking pins.

MNPW numbering head


Customized variants, like hot numbering heads for example, are available on request.

Hot numbering head