Third time in a row: "Silver-Rating" Award for creditworthiness

For the third time in a row Borries Marking-Systems ist honoured from the Rating Agency with the Top Rating certificate and now has the "Silver-Rating". Thus, the company is still one of the 4.9 percent of the German companies that can present a rating index of 1.

The core of the Hoppenstedt Credit Check economic report is the assessment of the risk and the creditworthiness. The basis of the company valuation is in addition to the present demographic and financial data information of the payment behavior. More than 650 million real invoice data are relevant for the Credit Check risk assessment.

The certificate "Hoppenstedt Credit Top Rating" is a nationally economically known and recognized award. The Credit Check creditworthiness index is a statistically determined value that is calculated on the base of modern statistical methods if a company is insolvent within the next 12 months or goes out of business without having paid all creditors.


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