Laser technology



The laser-marking technique is used where demands for extremely high marking speeds, high flexibility and with no force whatsoever being transferred into the component have to be met. Further advantages are the minimum time requirement, high flexibility in depicting the characters e.g. special characters, barcodes or data matrix codes. This technique can be applied for on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron and other materials.

Function description:
From the effects of the bundled beam of light moved by the deflection mirror, material is removed, colored or foamed (plastic). Depending on the material and the penetration depth, up to 100 characters/sec are possible.

We supply equipment for manual handling, customized units with automatic workpiece feeding and the associated fixtures for integration options (including the handling) to meet individual customer requirements.


Laser marking unit    Laser marking unit    Interior view laser marking unit    Laser marking unit model BLM 450 with foil module    Interior view BLM 450