Marking in the aerospace industry

The solution for marking for the aerospace industry fulfils the requirements on marking processes for the direct marking of parts in the ATA 2000 "Direct part marking guideline" and in the specification AS 9132.


Your benefits:

  • Low-volume yet high-value workpieces:
    Exact and reproducible process control ensures quality marking.
  • Attestable marking quality? The results from testing can be stored together with the marking information in a database and appended to the product certificate. Saved images also allow the subsequent analysis of each and every dot.
  • Extremely exact geometrical properties (EN 9132 specification) for dots and the matrix: The high-precision dot-peening mechanism of Model 350 with three NC axes, electronics-controlled marking head and integrated clearance sensor ensures reproducibility of the dot and matrix geometry.
  • Many different workpieces, materials and surface structures: WINDOWS®-based software supports a straightforward and quick new layout definition, individual parameter settings for each case for use, with pop-up menus for adjustments per mouse click for each workpiece.
  • 100%-checking the quality of the marking required: The verification system has been developed with special regard for the 3-dimensionality of the dot-peening data matrix code in metal. The system makes the process reliability of series production possible as well as a detailed laboratory analysis for parameter optimization for new workpieces and approval testing for series start-up.


You can find further information about our solutions for marking in the aerospace industry here.


Data matrix code and dot-peening marking    Data matrix code and dot-peening marking