NOVELTY: Automatic marking, reading and testing station

Marking, reading and testing station

The traceability of products must be ensured nowadays. This is directly and permanently possible due to the marking units from BORRIES Markier-Systeme GmbH. Modern marking systems cannot only generate flexible text contents of the labelling fields, such as date, consecutive serial number or parts number. Also, saved data can be changed remotely. This enables completely automated marking. This flexibility should be transferred into a functioning, integrated testing system. This can be implemented by the marking system transferring information on the layout of the marking field to the testing system as a dynamic test program. The testing criteria are already linked during the creation of the layout. The testing system can then compare expected results from the specified testing criteria with the actual marking (point-to-point comparison). The font, content, position, size and alignment can be dynamically adjusted without having to adjust the test program. A marker from BORRIES Markier-Systeme GmbH and the new OCR520 reading and testing system from IOSS have made fully automated testing of the variably stamped labelling and any required improvements possible for the first time. Also, the labelling of round or oval components is possible.

Process sequence with dot peening marking systems from BORRIES Markier-Systeme GmbH

  • Creating a marking layout by means of single character OCR, symbols (company logos) and/ or Data Matrix coding. In addition, the individual testing criteria are also determined.
  • During the marking process, the OCR520 testing system receives the layout data of the marking appearance over the shared interface. After marking, the actually created marking appearance - and thus every single marking point - is immediately inspected for fauls and quality. If DataMatric coding is also applied to the marking appearance, this can also be read. This process runs fully automatically. Additional and extensive adjustment of the testing system is not required.
  • If the testing result does not correspond with the specified requirements, the part is dicarded.
  • Different camera positions can also be determined for the test instead of a position - the camrea is then positioned by the marking system.

Marking systems from BORRIES Markier-Systeme GmbH

  • Marking of flat, round or oval components.
  • Housing marking and lettering along the axes.
  • Needle-marked lettering (dot-peening 7x5) including symbols, logos and DataMatrix coding.

OCR520 from IOSS

  • Can be used as a line or matrix camera depending on the component.
  • Saves  up to 100 test procedures with up to 100 different marking fields.